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Well, it's been a little over a week now, and I thought I'd like to share what we've been up to since we returned home.

For one thing, the return itself was a little bit of a gong show. We left San Cristobal on the Sunday, a little sad to leave but it was necessary. We hailed a cab to the collectivo's, and the driver offered to take us right to the Tuxtla airport. We were in no hurry though, and declined his offer. Surprisingly enough, a collectivo was headed out to Tuxtla in five minutes, so we hopped on and went to town. Once we reached the town, we got off at a stop where taxi drivers took passengers to the airport, for considerably less than what the San Cristobal driver was offering. We hopped on, and chatted up the nice driver, who gave us a mango (a big yellow one) from his mango tree. In the airport, we spent our time looking over our bags, receiving our tickets, and meandering towards the main waiting area.

So, there we sat in the area, and Jay decided to look at our ticket. I was marvelling at the lack of people in the airport and the beautiful view ahead. Jay says, "Tess, what time is it?" It was 1:33. Jay shows me the ticket, which reads 13:40... not the 3:40pm I thought the flight was leaving at! Shocked, Jay and I look over to the one plane about to leave, and walk towards it and show the only woman in the terminal our tickets. She quickly ushers us into the plane, and we leave five minutes later! Our hearts begin to race, we were about to watch our flight take off with our luggage... and without us! We decided that that was our karma from the dog rescuing that allowed this kind of luck to occur.

By 6pm we were in Tijuana, after a layover in Mexico City. We took a taxi to a hotel listed in our guidebook, and rather uneventfully slept the night (all of our tequila that we packed away was unharmed from the first flight, too.)

The next morning we needed to make it to San Diego, since our flight left at 4pm for Edmonton. We checked and repacked our multitude of bags, being hampered down with souvenirs can be very taxing on the back! We had breakfast on Ave. Revolution (costing us far more than many days worth of food in the rest of Mexico), and returning to the hotel to check out and prepare to walk to the border. Eleven blocks, two screaming arms and two burning backs later, we were in a three block lineup to cross to the 'good ol' USA. At this point I felt very pissed off at the Americans, who treat the Mexicans like crap. We heard many interesting stories, and I think my favour lies with the colourful country I was leaving behind.

Anyway, an hour later we were in the States, and several hours, two planes and a wedding magazine later, we landed at 10:32 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We were the last to leave the plane, retrieve our gear, and pay our duty on the tequila that managed to make it through checked luggage intact (good packing, Jay!). Finally, we walked through the welcome doors to see Jay's Mom, brother + girlfriend, Dad, dog, and my Mom and Dad. Tearful welcomes and hugs followed, and we split up for the first time in two months to separate beds, in which I slept only for a fitful three and a half hours. We were home.

So, what has happened since? Well, probably due to the overwhelming stress of returning, lack of sleep and maybe some blueberry punch I immediately fell sick with the flu the next evening, and spent more time in the bathroom than my bed. The next day I was two pounds lighter, and I figured that at least I had jump started my 'bridal diet'.

My mother and Jay and I have also looked over a billion wedding locations, and we've decided on the MacDonald Hotel, which is only the classiest venue in town, albeit the most expensive. Still, we wanted a fall wedding where we had a fantastic view, and not only was the Mac the only venue of the sort available on the date we wanted (Oct 07), but it's also the one that fits the most people, the most beautiful venue, and has the bonus of a suite for the bride and groom overnight. Pretty nice, if you ask me!

Jay and I have also moved into a new apartment. It's really nice, it is a 2 bedroom with hardwood floors, ceramic tiles and new fixtures. Unfortunately it has a really small kitchen, but it's only temporary accommodations and the benefits to being here far outweigh the negatives. We're quite happy. I also have two job interviews that would use my degree coming up this week, wish me luck!

Anyways, this is the last blog entry, so I hope you've enjoyed our travels!

Love, Tess

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Congratulations on your engagement.
I enjoyed reading about your trip and am glad that you had a good time.
Is the honeymoon going to be in Mexico? LOL
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