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The Chronicles of Canon the Camera-ian

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Hello people,

Well first things first, our camera is up and running. I'll be posting some pictures Mexico City later on tonight after we arrive in San Cristobal. Ok, I'll start at the beginning, after the Butterflies.

So we arrived in Mexico City with Cliff on Wednesday afternoon. He was such a nice guy and were going to send him a postcard that will hopefully be waiting for him by the time he arrives home. Anyways, after he showed us the best located hostel in town we parted ways. This hostel is a Hostelling International one, so although it costs a bit more, you know its going to be a wicked place. Its got five floors and were on the top. The rooms all open into a huge courtyard that you can see all the way to the bottom and right close to our room is the rooftop patio. Since were staying right behind the monster Cathedral in the middle of downtown, the view is just spectacular. And we get a birds eye view of the crazy Mexican drivers. Good god...they are nuts. Driving here is still on my list of things to do in my life time tough :)

Our first night here we didn't do much. It took us about 2 hours to do our laundry here and the rest of the evening was spent watching a soccer game. Since the bottom of the hostel is a bar, it was pumpin with people and everyone cheering for the Mexicans. It was Mexico vs USA. It was so fun to watch with a big crowd, but the Mexicans lost 2-0.

The next day was the journey to find a camera. And since we started at about 10:00 and didn't finish until well after 4:00, it was quite the journey. An epic...or...quest, if you will. Since our camera was broken and junk was rattling around inside of it, we had pretty much resigned ourselves to shipping the thing back home and buying a new one here. So we started at the small local stores, and found nothing. We then went to the bigger mall and there we found a nice Panasonic with a 10X zoom. Not as good as ours and definitely didn't look as cool, but it would do the trick, since we needed something with good zoom and we weren't about to buy the same camera that we already had. So after about 3 hours of debating and looking around, we were just about to purchase it when we realized that the week long gaurantee that they offer does not include a refund...only an exchange...we werent about to do that incase we found a better one later on that day. So we went back to the hostel and used the internet to find authorized Canon dealers and we came across an address for THE CANON CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS which happened to be located somewhere in Mexico City. Little did we know that it would be located about 2 hours away...still in Mexico City...haha.

So anyways, we got off the Metro somewhere near the adress and started walking in the direction of where we thought it might be. As we were walking along, we looked up at the haze that is the Mexico City sky and out of the fog appeared a sign that said "CANON"...which happened to be anchored to a 30 story office building a couple of kilometers away. Anyways, when we finally reached it we walked inside and were about to head up to the top floors where the Canon Offices were, but then to our right was a little shop that looked like it might be a repair shop. the first guy couldn't help us much and insisted that it would take about a week to have a look at our camera, but he went and got another guy from the back who just looked like a really nice, kinda shorter, tech guy. He said the earliest that they could even look at it would be Monday of next week. But then.... he heard me talk to Tess in english and sure enough...he spoke english. So we explained the whole story of the camera and our trip to him and he finally said. "Let me look at it, and perhaps I could at least tell you whats wrong with it. Come back in an hour." So we went across the street to MacDonalds and planned out our next day. By the way MacDonalds is freeky weird here. Same prices as back home and same look, but inside were only super tall Mexicans in suits and business attire...some even having meetings. Very odd. Anyways we went back to the shop after an hour and the tech guy came walking out, asked us for our batteries, then turned on the camera. Appearantly it was a blown fuse and a loose screw. Tess and I were practically jumping up and down in excitement and he didn't even charge us a thing. We thanked him about as muchas we could and then he ran to the back before we could get a picture of him :) So were going to send a hand written letter to that office thanking the tech guy for what he did for us.

And now our Camera is back.

Im almost out of internet time here, so I think I'm going to post another entry later tonight when we arrive in San Cristobal. We went to Teotihuacan yesterday...so plenty to talk about and plenty of pictures to come!!!}}

Asta La Veista...Baby


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YAHOO!!!!!the cameras back:):)
Good things always come to those who wait...
Now take care of the canon cause we all want to see those amazing pictures that you two only take.
Make sure that you do send that letter,I sure that he will appreciate it.
Well can't wait to hear more, love the stories
How's the journals???
Missing you both very much

Mom/Dad/Chad/Whitney and Nikki too!!!

by kabby

You two are certainly intrepid, to say the least, to go marching all over Mexico City like that!!

I'm glad the camera's back! I can't wait to see your shots of Teotihuacan.

We're all fine here...perfect cross-country ski conditions...just a little on the cold side!

love Mom

by Lynne R

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