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From San Miguel to Guanajuato

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Hola people. So right now were in Guanajuato. I should actually update the travel map because we´ve switched our plans a little. On the advice of Tess´ Uncle Bob we headed to Guanajuato. The capital city of the state...what a great recommedation. Anyways, before getting to that, I should start with our final day in San Miguel. Tess and I split off for the day and got a chance to explore the city on our own. Good move...I was getting sick of looking for skirts :) San Miguel is such a beautiful city and its just fun to walk through and explore the endless streets of artisan shops. The only downside to it was that for us, everything we wanted to buy was just too damn expensive. In about 10 years I´ll be comming back for revenge and I´ll buy that 300 year old door. Until then, I´ll just have to wait and maybe buy a house to put the door in would be a good first step, lol. Anyways, that night we ended up trying to ship a bunch of things home but we forgot our passports in the villa (why you need a passport to ship a package, I just don´t know) and thanks to some smooth talking by Bob the shipping lady sent the package off the next day...fewf. Dinner was also great that night. We ordered pizza and drank an entire jug of margaritas. Great time. And thank you Bob for making this week of our trip so great. We honestly can´t thank you enough and we are so fortunate to have been able to spend that time with you.

So on too Guanajuato. This is definitely a place that both Tess and could live. Next to San Miguel it´s the most comfortable city for us by far and that may have something to do with the fact that it is a University Town. The University centers the city and for a capital it only has about 125,000 people and they all seem to be young students. The city itself reminds us of Quebec City, with narrow little streets, old buildings, plazas and monuments everywhere. The city itself is built into a deep valley, so the view from anywhere on the outskirts is absolutley phenominal. Tess and I walked up to a giant momument yesterday that overlooks the city, and there we sat for about an hour playing chess. This monument was about 50 feet tall and of a Guanajuato hero who single handedy breached a Spaniard stronghold by carrying a giant stone slab on his back to protect him from the barrage of arrows, which then allowed the Mexicans to storm the place and expell the Spaniards. Cool stuff. And there are monuments like this everywhere in this city. We didn´t know how long we were going to stay here but as it turns out, we have spent two full days exploring all the cool sites and museums and for today, we are just going to take it easy and enjoy the atmosphere of this place. Teaching here is not out of the question by the way :)

So far we have got to explore three different musuems/exhibits. First of which was Diego Rivera house. He was an enormously famous artist that lived here in Guanajuato. They converted his old house into a giant tribute to his art work. So imagine four floors of wall to wall paintings. Although I think the coolest part of the place was an additional tribute section to another famous artist...Salvador Dali. Two floors full of only original work from Dali. This guy is by far my favorite artist. Some stuff gets pretty wierd though. The next was that Don Quijote museum. So this mansion of a place had works from Mexico´s most famous artists portraying their rendition of Don Quite and his sidekick Sancho. Very cool place and now I have to read the novel. All I know is that Don Quijote´s character was a one of a crazy skinny nobleman on a quest against windmills. Sounds exciting I know...haha. Maybe one day. But the next musuem takes the cake for the creepiest of all time. It was a mummy museum. So basically it had people in it that were buried about a hundred years ago but do to the area that they were burried and the gases present, they all mummified. Anyways, needless to say, I could forget everything I saw in there and be completely happy. The next cool adventure was to Calle de la Beso. The Alley of Kiss. It´s a super narrow street with only about 3 feet that seperates the buildings on both sides. It is said that two people can lean out their respective windows and be so close that they can kiss. Also it is said that if you visit this alley, you must kiss on the third step or face years of bad luck. So amongst a crowd of people me and Tess ventured forth and even got someone to take a picture of us on the steps. It was very cool :)

Anyways, I´m pretty sure I covered everything and now im off to one of the many plaza´s to simply read a book and write in my journal. Tomorrow were heading to a town that I can´t spell, so I´ll leave that for the next post :) By the way Chad, the journal´s were a perfect gift. I´m on track to have the entire thing full by about the end of the trip.

Asta Luego,


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It sounds like you two are getting used to the culture and ways of Mexico.
Such history, and monuments to indulge in.You two are going to be a wealth of knowledge when you come home, teaching in Guanajuato, we will talk Jay:)lol.
Glad to hear that you love Dali, he is one of my favorites especially his painting of Butterflies.
Love it!!
Keep us posted, we love hearing from you, it just makes us that much closer to you even though you keep getting further away:)

Love Mom/Dad/Chad/Whitney and Nikki too!!

by kabby

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